How to manage DDNS in docker of NAS?

xmg · 9月6日 · 2020年 · · ·

1st. Precondition(e.g. as below)
a. you already have your domain and ddns domain name such “” and “”.
b. you already have a NAS which support docker function.
c. you wanna to manage you DDNS with the docker of NAS.
d. you can make use a DNS service such as Dnspod.

2nd. Create a text file such as key.txt with the content as below(you can get your token_id and token of your domain at the dnspod website):
[email protected]

3rd. Download the strahe/dnspod-ddns image in docker

4th. Launch the image and set it as below:
a. select the “auto restart” option in the advanced settings.
b. Add the file you created in the 2nd step like this: file path”/docker/dnspod/key.txt“; mount path like this “/etc/dnspod/ddnsrc“.

Now you can enjoy the DDNS service of your nas by setting Cname to .

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