Choose WP Super Cache or Memcached?

xmg · 5月8日 · 2020年 · ·

As we know, we need to improve the reaction speed of our websites in order to give the visitors(include ourselves) a good visit experience, then maybe you will face the question to make a decision to choose which one if you know the Famous WP Super Cache and Memcached meanwhile. What’s the difference?

If you are making use of a virtual host, you’d better installed the wp super cache but not the memcached meanwhile the virtual host doesn’t support installing the memcached component. You can installed the wp super cache in the wp-admin by searching it’s name in the plugin tab.

If you are making use of a VPS, what you need to choose between them is the memcached, pay attention, it’s memcached but not memcache. How to install it? As below(e.g. Lnmp 1.5 ):

cd /root/lnmp 1.5
./addons.sh install memcached

Is it finished? No! You also need to installed the php client of the memcached. How to do it ? Just search and install it in the plugin adding function of the WP-admin, after installation, copy the object-cache.php file(in your VPS) to this path “your domain/wp-content” via ftp or in SSH.

After the above 2 operations, how to verify the installation ? Just vist your VPS’s phpinfo, it you delete the phpinfo.php file or you can not find it now, it’s easy to resolve it as below:
1.create a new phpinfo.php file,you can name it as your will such as dog .php or someting else, the key point is the *.php file should have the belowing content:

<? phpinfo(); ?>

2. upload the file you created just now to your vps by this path “your domain/”, and now you can see the phpinfo.php by visiting “you domain/dog.php”, if you can see the memcached component you can enjoy your success.

After you verify the installation, it’s strongly recommand that you delete the dog.php right away for safety reasons.

Is there any fast way to manage the memchched installation? Of course, you can try to visit the www.wpjam.com to know about the powerful plugin named Wp-basic.

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