How to manage database with navicat or dbeaver?

xmg · 5月2日 · 2020年 · · · ·

If you are the first time to hear that you can manage your database with these softwares such as “navicat” /”dbeaver” you may can not wait one more second to try it, and you may encounter the same trouble with me as below:

the software told you that the RSA keys can’t be recognised or something else if you try to connect your database server in SSH tunnel with your RSA keys, and maybe you can not resolve it in a short time. Here is the key to unlock it(generate you RSA key again as below):

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -m PEM

the “-b 4096” is not necessary but the “-m PEM” is necessary or you may failed one more time.

here is not the end of this post, something more can be seen below:

take the dbeaver for example when you make use of it for the first time, here are 2 important places should be noticed or you may can not connected to your database server especial the remote server successfully.

First: in the “SSH” tab
1. Server Host: you server IP address
2. Port: you server SSH port, not the database port
3. Username: your server SSH username, not the database username
4. Password: your server SSH password, not the database password

Second: in the “Main” tab
1. Server Host: “local host” or “”, not your server IP address
2. Port: you database port, not the server SSH port,
3. Username: your database username, not the server SSH username
4. Password: your database password, not the server SSH password

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